Damn Those Freaking Pirates!

I would trade Gore Verbinski’s Pirates of the Caribbean (review), along with the two sequels planned to have him direct a sequel to The Ring (review), so to me this news is really disappointing. Not only was it announced today that Verbinski won’t return to helm The Ring 2, but the replacement is a joke, considering how much money the first Ring pulled in! Read on and get ready to have your hopes that a sequel will be any good smashed into pieces.
Variety reports the aweful news that DreamWorks is moving forward with a sequel to The Ring, tapping commercials director Noam Murro to helm the second installment of the horror hit, which Naomi Watts will once again topline.

Dreamworks is prepping to start lensing The Ring 2 in January, aiming to release the pic November 2004.

Dreamworks will bring back Watts and David Dorfman, as well as screenwriter Ehren Kruger.

Sure the following is impressive, but the prestigious Dreamworks brining in a newbie, what gives? “Israeli-born Murro, who is trained in architecture, caught the attention of DreamWorks execs with a darkly toned “Got Milk?” commercial he directed for the California Milk Processor Board that features a boy who can predict unfortunate future events. Spot plays almost like a scene out of “The Ring.” He’s also directed spots for Nike, Saturn and Volkswagen through his Biscuit Filmworks shingle.”

“Murro won three Gold Lions at the 2003 Cannes Intl. Advertising Festival, and this year received a nom from the Directors Guild of America for outstanding direction in commercials.”

Source: Variety